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A Technology Company Based in Stevens Point, Wisconsin,

PSOL is a one stop innovative technology shop.  We provide full technology solutions ranging from complete network implementation, 24x7x365 security monitoring service, revolutionary wandering & elopement prevention, to HelpDesk services and everything in-between .

Driven by history and built around people, PSOL has been ever changing in the solutions we provide to our customers, but consistent in the level of excellence that is provided within every customer interaction.

Beginning as a one-man operation in 2002, owner Justin Busa has focused his efforts on growing PSOL’s business through the construction of a strong customer base and word-of-mouth marketing.  With clients from the east to west coasts of the United States, and beyond, PSOL has found that word of mouth travels fast in this digital age.  Our focus has been, is, and always will be our clients, no matter where they may be or what industry they may serve.

PSOL strongly believes you are only as strong as your weakest link, and we know we wouldn’t be here today without our team members.  Our team members are what make PSOL extraordinary. When you see them, say hi, get to know them, we know you’ll feel the same way.

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  • Happy 25th Birthday Internet!

Happy 25th Birthday Internet!

  • March 21st, 2014

Where were you 25 years ago?
What did you use for communication 25 years ago?
What did you use as a reference guide 25 years ago?
How did you book travel 25 years ago?
How did you find […]

  • What has 5 Rings…

What has 5 Rings…

  • February 17th, 2014

400 Servers, 5,600 PC’s, requires 100,000 hours of testing, and speaks Russian?

The IT infrastructure of the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. From the 6,000 athletes to the 220,000 total accreditations needed, the IT infrastructure supports […]

  • Map of the Internet…Really!

Map of the Internet…Really!

  • February 17th, 2014

I don’t know about you, but I know we here at PSOL love us a good map. And being an everything technology shop, of course we love the Internet.  But have you ever seen […]

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